Express delivery of critical equipment

The challenge

During a scheduled shutdown, the technical department of a large refinery in the Netherlands discovered that more than 100 DN300/DN150 PTFE lined reducing flanges were damaged and had to be replaced.  

The PTFE liner was affected to the extent that the components could no longer be used. If the flanges could not be repaired in the short term, the consequences for the end customer would be enormous. 


How did Hanwel help?

On Friday afternoon, Hanwel received the urgent request from the customer to fit 112 reducing flanges with new PTFE liner within the window of the scheduled shutdown. After the technical details had been coordinated during the weekend, the first batch of flanges was transported to our factory on Monday morning.  

Upon receipt, all flanges were blasted and checked, with repair work and adjustments being made to the flanges as needed.  

The result

In line with the planning discussed in advance, the first batch of flanges was delivered to the customer within a week, followed by the second batch a few days later, so all components could be assembled step by step.  

Not only was the pre-agreed deadline met, all flanges were ultimately delivered faster than expected.   

Guidance from Hanwel

Our service included daily updates during which the customer was constantly and personally informed of the status and the current planning. All this has resulted in the customer being able to fit all flanges during the scheduled shutdown, without the need for further unplanned downtime. 

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