Flue gas damper with stand-alone air sealing system

The challenge

A leading turbine producer contacted Hanwel B.V with a somewhat complex question. They required a flue gas damper which is to ensure 100% gas tightness within a large ducting system (1381mm x 621mm) at relatively high temperatures (550⁰C). Because soft sealing materials cannot be used at these temperatures, it is quite complex to ensure 100% gas tightness. Whenever this shut-off valve fails to ensure the required tightness, life-threatening situations might arise.

Rookgasklep met sperluchtsysteem

How did Hanwel help?

Together with our partner AMMtech Srl., we supply flue gas dampers with air sealing systems. These systems create a barrier of seal air to ensure complete tightness. In close collaboration with the customer we designed a complete system comprising of a flue gas damper, air sealing valve, mechanical linkage between them, pneumatic actuator, air fan and connecting parts. The air fan is directly installed to the flue gas damper by means of a customized bracket, creating one complete system.

The disc of the flue gas damper is included with a chamber for air. The pressure of the air sealing is always higher than the inline pressure preventing any inline leakages to arise.

The result

We always construct GAD’s and 3D files for approval before we proceed to production. During this phase several details have been discussed and adjusted to the customers’ needs after which we proceeded with fabrication. The result is a plug & play system which is able to completely shut off flue gases at 550⁰C, ensuring gas tightness. While doing so, we satisfied several customer-specific requests such as a specific material for internal insulation, IP66 classification for all instrumentation, a customized coating system as per customer specification and packing & marking in accordance with project requirements.

Our flue gas dampers with air sealing system are not standard products and they are always customized at customer request. Because of this we are able to supply a suitable solution for our customers in almost all cases.

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