Improving expansion joints recigas system

The challenge

The maintenance department of a Dutch waste disposal company has had problems in the recirculation system for many years. When the flue gases cool down, condensation occurs and the released acidic fluids cause damage to both steelwork and critical appendages such as valves and expansion joints.  As a result, expansion joints must be replaced every 1 - 1.5 years. These replacements are very undesirable and costly.

At the request of the customer Hanwel has devised a solution with a longer standing time as a result of which costly replacement work needs to be carried out less frequently.


How did Hanwel help?

During a site visit, the problem first emerged. After reviewing and analyzing the problem, two possible solutions were proposed and discussed. Subsequently, both solutions were worked out in full technical detail and a quotation and drawings were produced to give the customer the opportunity to select the best solution. The customer then decided to replace not only the expansion joints but also the steel support flanges, weld ends and inner pipes.

During the next maintenance stop, the new steel parts would be welded and the expansion joints mounted. Hanwel was asked to provide on-site assistance to ensure a trouble-free commissioning.

The result

During the stop, Hanwel provided supervision during assembly and commissioning on site.  During the work, the customer found out on Thursday afternoon that a number of other fabric expansion joints had to be replaced before the weekend. The presence of Hanwel on site made it possible to measure and switch quickly. With the help of our partner Bording Bellows, the expansion joints were delivered on Friday morning at 7.30 a.m. and the plant was able to get back into operation in good time.

Service of Hanwel

Hanwel service included analyzing the customer's problem and offering two different solutions to solve the problem. After delivery, Hanwel provided supervision during assembly and commissioning to ensure a smooth transition. When it turned out that components were urgently needed, we quickly switched gears and delivered a suitable solution within 16 hours. The result: a trouble-free start-up!

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