Inventory management during running stop

The challenge

A major client in the petrochemical industry was preparing for a long-term project to prevent contact corrosion of piping systems and within the underlying structures. Although it was clear that this long-term project would require a large number of pipe supports, it was uncertain at what point what demand for supports would arise. A continuous flow of available products would be essential for the continuity of the project and its schedule. If any of the products would have low availability at some stage, downtimes and delays of the complete project could not be prevented.

Hanwel containers met pipe supports
Hanwel containers met pipe supports on-site

How did Hanwel help?

The challenge during this project was twofold: on the one hand, a continuous flow of products had to be made available. On the other hand, we had to be able to be flexible to either significantly decrease or increase the flow if required by the short-term schedule. To meet this challenging and sometimes conflicting demand, Hanwel developed a fully autonomous and utility-free project warehouse and delivered it to the customer’s site.

The autonomous warehouse consists of four containers which are completely self-sufficient in lighting, electricity and shelves. The layout was determined in direct consultation with the customer.

A digital checkout system was built in to keep track of the outgoing products. The system scans the products as soon as they leave the container. This scan is periodically checked by Hanwel to keep track of usage and to replenish any stock whenever the pre-defined limit is approached.

The result

With the development of our customized and autonomous warehouse on site, our customer received immediate access to any required components whenever they need to. The stock is controlled and maintained by Hanwel B.V., thereby completely relieving the customer. The result is full continuity of the project and zero downtime because components are out of stock. This allows the customer to fully focus on its core business: the successful execution of the planned work.

Voorraad pipe supports on-site

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