Project Lohse Valves

The challenge

For a company within the chemical industry, a manual valve was installed in a filling system for big bags. The problem was that the valve regularly jammed. This meant that the valve had to be removed and cleaned every three weeks. Due to the difficult to reach position of the valve this resulted in a time-consuming process with high costs.

Lohse case
lohse case - afsluiter

How did Hanwel help?

Hanwel delivered a Lohse CDSQP 400 x 300 valve, a special version with pneumatic actuator and EPDM seals. Through a one-to-one exchange, the design department redesigned this rectangular version.

The result

The difference in installation height was compensated with an intermediate plate. At the same time, because of this limited installation height, a shorter damper blade was designed to avoid a conflict with the screw conveyor. In this way Hanwel delivered a tailor-made solution with a time and cost saving process regarding maintenance.

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