Project Stenflex Rubber Expansion Joints

The challenge

A company in the steel industry had a cracked rubber compensator on a primary cooling line. The standard PN16 rubber bellow turned out not to be able to withstand a continuous temperature of 95°C at 6 bar.

As a result, the rubber bellow could no longer function, which in turn caused the cooling circuit to fail. The big risk was that the boiler would now go into overdrive.

Stenflex AR-1

How did Hanwel help?

In cooperation with the manufacturer, it was decided to design a version with pressure class PN25 for the rubber bellows for these diameters. For the flange connection, the original PN16 flanges were retained. Thus Hanwel supplied the required rubber expansion joints.

The result

The service life of these critical expansion joints was extended considerably. In this way the operational risk has been considerably reduced because there is no longer a chance of production downtime.

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