Project Tank Terminal

The challenge

For the Belgian Tank Terminal project in 2018, a large delivery was required for 80km of pipe, consisting of 25,000 pipe supports DN250 spread over fifteen deliveries.


How did Hanwel help?

All supports were produced, packed and transported in a specific order throughout the project. The pallets were labelled according to the specific iso instructions, so that it was clear on site which delivery was meant for which pipeline. The goods were carefully inspected and placed on the truck from Hanwel's warehouse ready for departure.

Guide clamps were used on the long, straight pipe sections to limit and control the movements of the pipe.

The result

  • No holes or welding on the existing steel structures
  • No damage to paint or galvanisation
  • No fire workpermit required
  • Applicable to different profile types
  • Applicable for a large number of pipe diameters
  • Quick assembly/disassembly
  • Already executed in Hot Dip Galva
  • Durable
  • No welding equipment to install in difficult locations, so cost saving

Other projects

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