The development of pipe supports against corrosion

The challenge

A reliable customer from the oil and gas industry contacted Hanwel because of a problem. Over the past 60 years, various factors have caused a lot of corrosion on pipeline systems and in the underlying structures. In time, the corrosion that arose would become so large that it would threaten the continuity of production. A sustainable solution was needed.


How did Hanwel help?

A pipeline is usually held in place by pipe shoes and secured with a number of pipe brackets. This was also the case in our customer's installation. Because the pipe shoes are under the insulation, the condition of these parts is often not very visible. Corrosion easily occurs if moisture accumulates between the brackets and the pipework.

To prevent these forms of corrosion Hanwel has developed a new form of support. This solution has been fully tested and further developed in consultation with the customer into a full range of customized support systems in which corrosion has virtually no chance to occur in the coming decades. The Hanwel clamp sets can easily be installed without the need for welding, drilling or the use of (expensive) crane solutions. With a socket wrench, ring wrench and one torque wrench to ensure the right tightening torque, everything is assembled in no time.

The result

The result is a simple system that meets all applicable requirements and is easy to install. Pipelines are free of the underlying structure so that moisture accumulates between the brackets and the pipe. Corrosion no longer has a chance and the durability of the installation is guaranteed.

Service of Hanwel

Our service included analyzing the customer's problem and developing a customized solution. At the customer's request, tests were conducted and results handed over. In consultation with the customer, the solution was adapted to specific requirements. The result: the desired solution for the customer!

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