PTFE-lined piping components and PTFE lined fittings


PTFE-lined piping components and PTFE lined fittings

Some substances are capable of damaging steel piping and stainless steel piping through corrosion. The process of corrosion is generally explained as the chemical deterioration of materials occurring as their environment acts on them. This process ultimately converts pure metal into a more chemically stable metal oxide.
Acid corrosion is explained as a process in which metals react with an acid leading to weakening and damaging of the metal surface. Over time, this can lead to such a degree of weakening of piping components that cracks occur, leading to leakages and shutdowns. In order to prevent acid corrosion, Hanwel B.V. supplies piping components and fittings that are equipped with a protective internal liner to prevent this process. We supply complete PTFE lined- and PFA lined piping systems consisting of piping, fittings, valves, expansion joints and accessories.

Components for transporting and storing corrosive substances

For transporting corrosive substances, we supply complete piping systems which are equipped with a PTFE or PFA liner. Our PTFE or PFA liners have a standard thickness of 3mm to 9mm and protects the steelwork against acid corrosion. Our systems are flanged according to DIN EN 1092-1 or ASME B16.5.

Under these circumstances, careful selection of materials is crucial for the performance of the system. However, unfortunately liner quality varies significantly between different manufacturers. To ensure the quality of our liners, we solely use paste extruded virgin white PTFE according to ASTM D4895 and virgin PFA according to ASTM D3307. Our steelwork is of European origin at all times. Depending on the exact medium and its permeation grade, we can adjust the thickness of our liner to provide optimal protection.

PTFE belijnde appendages
PTFE belijnde afsluiters

Components for controlling corrosive substances

Valves that deal with corrosive substances are to be provided with a protective liner as well in order to prevent wearing. Hanwel B.V. supplies various PTFE lined valves and PFA lined valves such as ball valves, butterfly valves, swing check valves, poppet check valves, plug valves and sample valves.

Depending on exact valve type, we use a PFA- or PTFE liner with a minimum thickness of 3.0 mm. We can supply PTFE lined valves with flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1 (PN10/PN16/PN40) or ASME B16.5 (150 lbs., 300 lbs.). Housing materials are available in cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and high-quality alloys such as Duplex or Hastelloy C22.

Accessories for the storage and transport of corrosive substances

During the storage, transport and control of corrosive substances, several components help to ensure a safe process without downtime.

PFA-lined sight glasses provide a visual image of the reaction taking place in the system and help keep control.
Flange shields and safety covers protect operators from leakages that can occur at flange connections or fittings. Ventilation systems assist by draining any leakage to a safe drain point as quickly as possible. PTFE insert pipes and PTFE sleeves help prevent corrosion of critical elements such as nozzles of tanks or reactors. PTFE-lined strainers help keep the system as clean as possible. Flange gaskets help prevent leaks at flange connections.

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PTFE HP-3 lateraal

Components that minimise stress during the transport of corrosive substances

Besides PTFE-lined piping components and PFA-lined fittings, we also supply PTFE expansion joints. Expansion joints are flexible elements in piping systems which absorb movements or vibrations. Welflex PTFE expansion joints are highly flexible, allowing a relatively large movement to be compensated in a short installation length.

PTFE expansion joints have excellent chemical resistance. The pressure resistance of PTFE expansion joints decreases significantly at higher temperatures. Hanwel supplies a wide range of expansion joints so that we can offer a solution for almost any application. Contact our specialists for tailor-made advice.

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