Valves for pharmaceutical applications


Valves for pharmaceutical applications

Hanwel offers various valve series that prevent contamination of critical batches within applications in the field of mixing, dosing, clean steam and transporting of valuable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Some aspects are crucial for these processes, such as avoiding dead spaces, specific treatment of surfaces and the use of contamination-avoiding materials. Besides valves, we offer PTFE expansion joints and PTFE-lined piping components that ensure the safe transport of chemicals without the risk of corrosion.

Mixing API’s

Our bottom drain valves are used in and around tanks, filter dryers and reactors in which critical APIs are mixed. The bottom valve can be mounted directly inside or to the tank, dryer or reactor by means of customized flange connections. In order to prevent rouging and degradation of materials, only low-carbon alloys (316L) or exotic materials such as Hastelloy C22 are used. In addition, the valves are fully cleanable in-between production batches due to minimized ‘’dead’’ spaces.

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Transporting API’s and clean steam

Our Habonim sanitary ball valves are commonly used in clean steam processes and for transporting APIs. In these applications, a high purity, or sanitary design (acc. to ASME BPE) is required which includes a true-bore passage. Also, in some cases, these valves are to be Fire Safe (as per API 607) and ATEX certified combined with the requirement for food grade approvals (as per USP VI / FDA / EN 1935). Habonim sanitary ball valves fully conform to this complex demand.
We supply a wide range of sanitary ball valves for different process conditions. Contact our specialists for tailor-made advice.

Transporting chemicals

Most pharmaceutical production processes require the supply of various chemicals that need to be stored and transported in a safe manner. Our range of PTFE expansion joints, PTFE-lined valves and PTFE-lined piping components provides safety by preventing corrosion of steel parts. We supply tailor-made components in order to guarantee a suitable solution at all times.

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Tailor-made valves for pharmaceutical applications

Pharmaceutical processes and product owners within this industry often rely on traditional, proven solutions in order to monitor process safety and integrity. In some cases, this habit might lead to the usage of old, outdated valve designs. In case the unique manufacturer of such a outdated design ceases to exist or decides to phase out the design, this might cause major risks for process continuity. Hanwel provides one-on-one replacements of special valve designs that are no longer available or are dealing with limited availability. By means of a process of reverse engineering we develop and deliver a suitable replacement of the current design in cooperation with the customer. This ensures continuity of production processes at all times.

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