LT fabric expansion joints type LTF

Product information

With type LTF type, you can choose from EPDM rubber (up to max. 120°C) or laminated PTFE (up to max. 260°C). Type LTF is mainly used at low temperatures, where there is a high risk of formation of chemicals such as condensed sulphuric acid, sulphides, etc., due to temperatures falling below the dew point. Excellent chemical resistance is extremely important in these types of applications.

LT fabric expansion joint type LTF is well suited for wet flue gases with a maximum pressure of -0.3 barg to 0.3 barg.

LT weefselcompensatoren type LTF


  • Range: customisation in almost any form and in versions I, II and IV
  • Temperature: max. 260°C
  • Pressure: max. -0.3 / 0.3 barg

Standard material structure type L

  • LTF-140: EPDM rubber, 4 mm thick up to max. 140°C
  • LTF-260: PTFE with glass fabric inlays up to max. 260°C

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