Stenflex rubber expansion joint type AS-2 or type AS-4

Product information

Stenflex rubber expansion joint type AS-2 and type AS-4 are flameproof rubber expansion joints with steel cord inlays, rotatable flanges and tension rods. Various flange drillings are possible in this set-up. Thanks to the tension rods, the pressure reaction force is absorbed in a system and the expansion joints can only absorb lateral displacements.

Type AS-2 and type AS-4 :

  • With type AS-2, the tension rods are only limited on the outside, so that the expansion joint cannot extend.
  • With type AS-4, the tension rods are limited on the outside as well as on the inside, so that the expansion joint cannot extend and cannot be pressed in. As in the case of a vacuum.
Stenflex AS-2


  • Rubber grade: EPDM, NBR rubber
  • Range: DN 25 to DN 400
  • Temperature: max. 130°C
  • Pressure rating: PN 16


This expansion joint is an A expansion joint with steel cord inlays, making the AS rubber expansion joint suitable for use up to 130°C. This way, the expansion joints meet strict flameproof requirements. Thanks to the flameproof properties, these expansion joints can also be used in fire risers.

Flameproof is a requirement in ship engine rooms. The AS expansion joints have passed flameproof tests at several classification societies and therefore carry many type approvals for use on ships. The AS expansion joints are also suitable for use in central heating systems and are TÜV/DIN 4809-approved.

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