Welflex PTFE expansion joints


Why Welflex PTFE expansion joints? Welflex PTFE expansion joints are highly flexible, which means that a relatively large movement can be compensated at a short overall length. PTFE expansion joints offer excellent chemical resistance.

The pressure resistance of PTFE expansion joints decreases sharply at high temperatures. We recommend using a standard version from our Welflex catalogue. In addition to this range, we can also supply versions offering higher pressure resistance.


  • Range: DN 25 to DN 900
  • Media: liquid and gas
  • Pressure rating: up to PN 16
  • Temperature: up to 200°C
  • High chemical resistance
  • Flexible
  • Lower pressure resistance
  • Absorption of vibrations in pumps
  • Reducing noise nuisance from pumps and devices
  • Absorption of pipe expansions
  • Stress-free disconnection of critical equipment


The motion absorption capacity increases with a larger number of waves. However, pressure resistance decreases with a larger number of waves. The 3-wave version offers the most optimal ratio between motion absorption and pressure resistance and is therefore used most often.

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