Lisega Type 12-14

Product information

Lisega constant hanger type 12, 13 or 14 consists of a number of multi-cell constant hangers type 11. Type 12 consists of two hangers, type 13 consists of three hangers and type 14 consists of four hangers. The constant hangers are fitted with a connecting plate at the top and bottom, creating a single central suspension point. In the case of a constant hanger, the load suspends from the constant hanger. This makes the constant hanger part of a suspensory system.

The Lisega constant hanger consists of a main spring and two balance springs. The resulting force ensures that a load with a constant force is absorbed. In the case of a normal spring, the force increases when the spring is pulled out. In the case of a constant hanger, the force is constant and independent of the path.

lisega-constanthanger-type 12


  • Load: 64 to 400 kN
  • Travel range up to 750 mm
  • Pre-relaxed springs ensuring consistent accuracy
  • Linear power transmission and therefore no lever deflection and moment effect


Lisega constant hangers are mainly used to support moving, very hot equipment and pipes. In addition, constant hangers can also be used where very large vertical movements occur, with a desire to realise the smallest possible external force from the supports. Multi-cell constant hangers are applied when the weight is too much for a single constant hanger.

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