Core bearings PTFE slide plates

Core bearings PTFE slide plates

Core bearings PTFE slide plates or PTFE slide bearings are used where equipment or pipes must be able to move at a very low frictional force. The PTFE slide plates can handle high axial loads and have a friction value of less than 0.1. The bearings consist of a carrier containing PTFE slide plates and a polished stainless steel counter bearing.  

With flat PTFE slide bearings, the counter bearing must cover the entire PTFE plate. The construction above the bearing must therefore not tilt or bend. In tilting PTFE bearings, the PTFE is contained in a cup-shaped carrier that can tilt slightly in the lower holder. With these slide bearings (WBC or BBC), the superstructure may therefore tilt or bend slightly. 


Fields of application for Core bearings PTFE slide bearings include high-temperature boilers and reactors and long pipe routes. In addition, there are applications involving the slow shifting of heavy structures, such as the football pitch in the Gelredome in Arnhem, retracting bridges and launching ships.  

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