Core counter bearings

Product information

A counter plate must always be used in combination with a PTFE slide plate or slide bearing. A number of requirements apply to this:

  • The roughness is Rz < 1 μm and Ra <2 μm.
  • The counter plate must be flat.
  • The counter plate and the construction to be supported must be sufficiently strong and not bend.
  • The counter plate must completely cover the PTFE, at all times.
standard counterplate (coretegenlagers)


We can supply the counter plates or counter bearings in a number of versions.

  • A separate stainless steel plate of 2 or 3 mm thick that needs to be welded on somewhere.
  • A pipe shoe fitted with a stainless steel bottom.
  • A counter bearing consisting of a steel plate and a stainless steel plate. (The standard counter bearings)
  • An insulated counter bearing a temperature reduction of 300°C or 600°C on the top side of the counter bearing to a maximum of 150°C on the stainless steel underside of the counter bearing.

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