Lisega energy absorber type 32

Product information

Lisega energy absorber type 32 allows an adjustable axial displacement as a result of, for example, thermal expansion. The energy absorber can absorb up to 25mm of displacement in either direction.

When the displacement exceeds the set value, the energy absorber acts as a stop. At extreme loads, the energy absorber will plastically deform and act as a crumple zone and thus absorb much of the energy.

lisega-impactdemper type 32


The snubber can be used instead of a double guided pipe shoe and has the advantage that the permissible pipe displacements can be set (from 0 to 25 mm). In addition, the energy absorber can absorb much of the energy under extreme loads.

The Lisega dynamic supports are used in addition to the normal pipe supports (suspended or standing) to absorb vibrations or shocks such as water hammer. They can also be used as additional guidance for the pipe.

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