PTFE Lined Piping Components

PTFE Lined Piping Components

Hanwel supplies PTFE lined piping and PFA lined fittings with a standard liner thickness of 2.0mm to 9.0mm depending on component size. We supply standard steel parts with standard dimensions as well as customized items. We can supply the steelwork including liner, but we can also provide a PTFE- or PFA liner inside steelwork which is sent to us by our customers.

Why PTFE- and PFA-lined piping components?

Corrosive and/or aggressive substances such as H2S and chlorine are capable of affecting carbon steel- and stainless steel piping. If nothing is done to protect these elements, corrosion will arise leading to system failure. To protect pipeline components against corrosion, they can be provided with a protective and corrosion-resistant liner. PTFE and PFA are both materials which are highly resistant to corrosion and they are both well suitable to be used as liner material. Hanwel supplies complete piping systems that prevent corrosion.

Do you need help with specifying the right compoment for your application? Our specialists are ready to advise you on what is applicable in your specific situation. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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