Ball valves

Habonim Ball Valves

In collaboration with Habonim Industrial Valves ltd., we provide professional valve solutions for demanding applications. Habonim ball valves are available in a variety of designs for specialized tasks. Our specialists will gladly help you with offering advice on which Habonim ball valve is right for your situation.

Habonim Ball Valves

Product groups

Ball valves for cryogenic conditions (LNG)

Double block and bleed valves ensure maximum integrity

Ball valves for high temperatures

Ball valves for pharmacy and biotech applications

Multiport valves simplify complex systems

Valves for direct mounting on or beneath tanks and reactors

Standard three-piece and flanged ball valves

The unique COMPACT actuator

Additional Features for Habonim Ball Valves

Open and close quickly to safeguard systems

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Habonim custom ball valves

 Contact our specialists for customized solutions

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