Habonim accessories


Various accessories are available to adapt standard Habonim valves to your circumstances and wishes.  All accessories are designed, manufactured and checked for safe and long-lasting use. 

Our specialists are happy to help you with whatever is needed for your Habonim solution. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us by completing the form. 

Fugitive Emission bonnet (FE)

The FE bonnet is an extended stem, including a leak chamber and detection to collect any leaks through the stem seal of the valve. This accessory forms an additional seal on top of the valve stem seal for maximum integrity and safety within your system. The FE bonnet can be expanded with a purge connection, media containment unit (MCU) extended bonnet (XXT) or a pressure box seal, in which a pressure chamber is formed between the valve stem seal and the top seal of the FE bonnet. For more information and advice on the most suitable solution for your critical application, please contact our specialists.  

Fugutive emission bonnet
Habonim spring return handle

Spring Return Handle (SRH)

The SRH is designed to provide a spring return operation on a manually operated valve. A spring-loaded system is installed between the valve and the handle to provide counter pressure to the handle. As soon as the valve handle is released, the spring return handle will automatically force the valve into its base position (closed or open) by means of a spring.  

Locking Device

A locking device is an accessory that locks the valve handle in an open or closed position. The spring-loaded construction ensures that the handle is locked in all valve system orientations and under vibrating conditions. This prevents accidental operation of the handle. 


Lockable Handle

The lockable handle is a simple way to lock the valve in open or closed position using a padlock. 

Breather Block™

The Habonim Breather Block is designed to protect pneumatic actuators from contaminated air supply. This component isolates the actuator’s internal components from the corrosive or abrasive environment by allowing only dry and filtered instrument air to flow into the spring chamber during the actuator spring stroke. The Breather Block’s outlet port only allows air to flow out of the spring chamber and prevents outside air from flowing in. This prevents wear of the internal parts due to corrosion.  


IMPACT™ Spring Assistance

The purpose of the patented Impact™ Spring Assist is to increase the performance of single-acting pneumatic actuators by giving a boost.  In a fail-safe actuator, compressed air in the actuator pre-loads the springs. During normal operation, each actuation of the solenoid valve releases compressed air into the atmosphere through the outlet port of the solenoid valve. The patented IMPACT™ unit redirects some of this energy back to the spring chamber to increase the actuator torque by at least 50%. 

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