Habonim bi-directional cryogenic ball valves

Why bi-directional cryogenic ball valves?

A spring-loaded seat assembly relieves pressure, eliminating the need for a pressure relief hole. This cryogenic valve offers
bi-directional tightness while ensuring all other benefits the standard design allows

Habonim cryogenic ball valves are ball valves which are suitabe for a temperature range from -269°C to +230⁰C. These ball valves are suitable for LNG-, CO2-, methane-, oxygen-, argon-, nitrogen-, hydrogen- and helium applications.

The wide temperature range ánd pressure range which are applicable for most cryogenic applications pose hard and specific requirements to valve designs. Please find more information on how we deal with these challenges below.

Habonim Cryogenic Valves


Habonim bi-directional cryogenic ball valves have a temperature range of up to -269°C. The ball valves are suitable for:CO2, methane, LNG, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium applications. 

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