Habonim double block and bleed ball valves

Why double block and bleed ball valves?

Habonim Double block and bleed (DBB) ball valves ensure complete isolation of critical applications. They do so by combining two separate block valves and one bleed valve into one compact design. This eliminates the need for the usage of three separate valves.

The conventional method to ensure the isolation of critical applications is to use three separate valves: two in-line block valve and one bleed / drain valve. The function of the first block valve is to safeguard the first safety. The function of the second block valve to ensure tightness whenever the first block valve fails. The function of the bleed valve is to drain any medium leaking through the first block valve. Habonim DBB valves integrate these three functions in one compact design which rules out the need of applying three separate valves. This leads to lower purchasing costs, lower installation costs, less face to face length, less weight, less complexity and less potential leaking points.

The triple-safety system only fails whenever all three valves fail at the same time. This low probability of failure makes DBB well-suitable to be used in SIL loops.

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