Habonim high-pressure ball valves

High pressure ball valves

Why high-pressure ball valves? High-pressure applications pose specific requirements to valves. Habonim high-pressure ball valves are suited for applications up to 1034 barg / 15,000 Psi. Depending on the application, the ball valves feature a floating ball design or a trunnion mounted design. 

For high pressure hydrogen applications we can supply our H24, H28, H29 and H99 series ball valves for high pressure H2. These valves are specifically designed for hydrogen at high pressure levels up to 15.000Psi / 1034 barg


  • Floating ball & trunnion ball series
  • One-piece, two-piece or three-piece design
  • Flanged, welded, threaded, wafer connections & more
  • ANSI #150 - #6000 / DIN PN10 - PN1000
  • Cryogenic -296°C service up to HT 650°C service
  • ESD service for extremely fast operation
  • Specific versions for specific applications: cryogenic, metal seated, hydrogen
  • high pressure, dual safe, ESD, biotech and more
  • Specific ''H'' series for HP hydrogen applications

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