Triple eccentric high performance butterfly valves

Hanwel triple eccentric butterfly valves

Triple eccentric butterfly valves are included with an extra eccentricity compared to double eccentric butterfly valves. In addition to the blade being displaced axially relative to the axis and the axis itself being displaced relative to the centre (the first two eccentricities), a third eccentricity is applied in the form of an adjustment of the seat surface.  

The result is lower friction at closure of the valve, resulting in a better sealing and less wearing in the long term.  

Hanwel supplies triple eccentric butterfly valves with wafer type, lug type and flanged connections.



  • Range: DN50 to DN2000 
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 40 barg (PN10-40 and 150lbs.-300lbs.) 
  • Temperature: -196⁰C to 450⁰C 
  • Design: 1-piece or 2-piece casing 
  • Tightness: bi-directional tightness (EN 12266-A) 
  • Casing material: cast iron, steel, stainless steel  
  • Sealing material: Stainless steel 316, Inconel or other metals  
  • Exotic materials possible: yes 
  • Available with handle, handwheel, pneumatic actuator and electric actuator 


Since triple eccentric butterfly valves have a better sealing and less wearing in the long term, these valves are often used within steam applications and other demanding conditions requiring long-term performance without maintenance. However, there is debate about the applicability of these valves for contaminated media. 

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