Non return valves for sewage water and rain water

Non return valves for sewage- and rain water: the Stop Silent Light

The Stop Silent Light check valve type consists of a rubber diaphragm which is inserted inside a sewage pipe or rain pipe.  The medium pushes the diaphragm aside while flowing through the valve , thereby creating an opening. Whenever the medium flows back or stops, the diaphragm will return to its original position, shutting of the line. The valve is inserted inside the pipe after which the clamping ring is enlarged. This allows the valve to be fitted inside custom pipes.

This design offers the following advantages:

  1. Minimum wearing due to the absence of moving parts
  2. Soundless action due to the absence of a disc
  3. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical pipelines
  4. This type of check valves stops sewage stench / smells and frogs as well
  5. No need for adapting or modifications of the pipeline
Group 74


  • Size range: DN15 to DN300
  • Pressure range: max. 0,5 barg
  • Temperature range: -20⁰C to 110⁰C
  • Design: 2 piece housing
  • Tightness: uni-directional tightness
  • Available with multiple adaptors to fit in every type of pipe
  • Sealing material: NBR

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