Tilting disc check valves

Tilting disc check valves

Tilting disc check valves are designed to open and close faster than a standard check valve. Rapid operation is required whenever critical components must be  protected against backflow immediately. However, many check valves are only able to close when the upstream flow is lost completely.

In systems where backflow can occur rapidly, such as pump systems in a high-pressure system, this can lead to major problems. In extreme cases, the resulting water hammer can disrupt entire piping and pump systems.

The tilting disc check valve design offers the solution by allowing a fast closing, even in case of little loss of flow.



  • Range: DN50 to DN1000
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 100 barg (PN10-100 and 150lbs.-600lbs.)
  • Temperature: -20⁰C to 525⁰C
  • Design: 1-piece casing
  • Tightness: uni-directional tightness (EN 12266-A or B)
  • Casing material: cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Duplex
  • Sealing material: EPDM, NBR, Viton, metal
  • Exotic materials possible: yes


Because the disc of a tilting disc check valve is mounted at an angle of 15⁰, this valve opens at a medium speed from 0.6 m/sec with minimal response times. This prevents the disc from ‘hammering’ at low speeds and prevents wearng on the stem, springs and bearings. The self-centring seal provides an excellent seal at both high and low pressure differentials. In addition, the valves can be included with extra springs to increase the response speed if there is a high risk of a rapid backflow.

The result is a stable check valve with a fast response time that requires minimal maintenance. This makes this valve suitable for any application requiring a quick response.

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