Flue gas dampers

Flue gas dampers or damper valves

Flue gas ducts are characterised by large to very large sizes and high to extremely high temperatures. The medium often concerns flue gases and exhaust gases that are discharged or fed at low pressures. The shape and size of flue gas ducts are highly diverse, which leads to the fact that the manufacture of flue gas dampers often involves customisation. 

In cooperation with our partner Ammtech Srl. Hanwel supplies a wide range of flue gas valves.

Our supply includes the following:

  • Butterfly dampers for flue gases
  • Double eccentric butterfly dampers for flue gases
  • Louvre dampers for flue gases
  • Multi-louvre dampers for flue gases
  • Guillotines / gate valves for flue gases
  • Bypass dampers for flue gases
  • Non-return valves for flue gases
  • Radial vane dampers for flue gases
  • Dampers with air sealing system to ensure 100% tightness
  • Dampers with refractory lining for extreme temperatures


  • Range: DN50 to DN4000 
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 3 barg 
  • Temperature: -20⁰C to 1100⁰C 
  • Design: 1-piece casing of plate material
  • Tightness: leak rate I, II, II or VI, according to ANSI/FCI, depending on version 
  • Casing material: steel, S275JR, S355JOWP, AISI304, AISI316, AISI321, AISI310  
  • Sealing material: EPDM, graphite, fibreglass, metal  
  • Exotic materials possible: yes 
  • Available with handle, handwheel, pneumatic actuator and electric actuator 
  • Connections: flanged, wafer, welded ends or customised connections 


Depending on the exact location and function of a flue gas damper, a wide variation of requirements can be posed.

At critical places the valves must be 100% tight (zero-leakage), whereas a certain amount of leakage is almost always permitted at non-critical places. We can offer different types of flue gas valves depending on your situation and the local requirements. 

At all times, a GAD drawing and 3D file is included in the supply and will be sent for approval. We will proceed with production after approval. This prevents unpleasant surprises and warranties that our dampers can be fitted-in correctly at all times.



Butterfly dampers for hot air and flue gases


Butterfly dampers with refractory lining for applications to 1100⁰C



Louver dampers for hot air and flue gases


Multi-louver dampers for hot air and flue gases


Gate dampers / guillotines for hot air and flue gases


Bypass dampers for hot air and flue gases

Bypass Damper for Marine Gas Scrubber

Flue gas dampers with air sealing system to ensure 100% tightness

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