Lohse gate valve type CAW

Lohse gate valve type CAW

The Lohse gate valve type CAW is a stainless steel gate valve with a straight valve plate that is fitted with a sealing surface on both sides. In doing so, it realizes bi-directional tightness. The compact design features polymer slide cups that minimise internal spaces as well as required tightening torque.

All Lohse valves use the Lohse modular actuator system in which a choice can be made between manual actuation (handwheel, handwheel with rising stem, T-spanner, chain) and non-manual actuation (electric and pneumatic).  

Plaatafsluiter Lohse type CAW


  • Range: DN50 to DN2000  
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 25 barg 
  • Temperature: -10⁰C to 210⁰C  
  • Design: two-piece stainless steel housing (3.16L) with polymer (GRP/PP) slide cups  
  • Tightness: bi-drectional, 100% waterproof  
  • Application: sewage and sludge with some solids   
  • Exotic materials possible: yes 
  • The standard seal for type CAW is EPDM. 
  • NBR, FKM and PTFE seals are available as well. 


The Lohse knife gate valve type CAW is particularly suitable for applications where bi-directional tightness is required and whenever the medium contains few solids.

As a result, this valve is often recommended for applications within water treatment.  

The CAW can be equipped with various actuator systems and be adapted to specific circumstances. 

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