Knife gate valves for vacuum batch processing

Kammerer knife gate valves

In collaboration with Kammerer Gmbh, we design and fabricate high-quality gate valves that are mainly used in the fine chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. 

Thanks to the very thin plate and the tight tolerances, a Kammerer valve is able to cut effortlessly through any product. By using static or dynamic sealing systems, variations in underpressure and overpressure are easily resisted. These valves can also be made suitable for extreme temperatures by means of heating or cooling systems.

Kammerer valves are always designed at request and concern customized products. Please contact our specialists to receive advise on the best solution for your application. 

Plaatafsluiters voor vacuüm-batch processing


  • Range: DN50 to DN800 
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 25 barg (depending on diameter) 
  • Temperature: -10⁰C to 350⁰C 
  • Design 3-piece Silumin, GGG 40.3 or stainless steel casing  
  • Tightness: 100% gastight on both sides (TA Luft)  
  • Recommended medium: wide range  
  • Exotic materials possible: yes 
  • Available with TA Luft certification 
  • Also available as ATEX fast-acting valves 


These valves are mainly used in combination with powdered media, granulates and other solids, either as a stand-alone valve or as part of a lock system. Kammerer valves are completely pressure- and vacuum tight and are suitable for situations in which other valves fail.  

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