Venturi Fluid Jets

Venturi Fluid Jets

Venturi Fluid Jets (or ejectors) are components that operate on the ejection principle. This implies that there are no moving parts and that the medium is displaced by means of pressurized fluids, -steam or compressed air combined with the internal geometry of the component.

A Venturi Fluid Jet consists of three components: the nozzle, the body and the diffuser. Through the motive connection (the nozzle), a pressurized liquid, steam or gas is supplied. This medium is called ''the motive medium''. Because of the geometry of the body, the flow energy of this motive creates a suction force that sets the other fluid or gas in motion. This suction flow is called the ''suction medium''. Due to the specific design of the diffuser, a back pressure arises at the ejector's output side which is higher than the suction pressure. As a result, the the newly mixed flow is discharged.

This design and its corresponding operating principle allows a venturi ejector to be used at positions where there is no possibility or desire to deploy a driven pump.  The only thing which is required to operate the ejector as a pump, is a motive medium.

Depending on the exact design, ejectors can be used to transport liquids, solids, slurries, steam and gases. Therefore Venturi Fluid Jets can be used for displacement, pumping, suction, mixing, heating, cooling and for the protection of various media.

Venturi Jets


  • Range: DN15 to DN600 
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 100 barg (PN10 - PN100 and ANSI 150lbs. -600 lbs.) 
  • Temperature: -60⁰C to 450⁰C 
  • Design: 2-piece, 3-piece or 4-piece casing  
  • Casing material: cast iron, steel, stainless steel, PVC  
  • Optional lining: PTFE 
  • Exotic materials possible: yes 
  • Design: customised 

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