Overhaul operation

Hanwel’s specialists are available to overhaul existing products. Feel free to contact our specialists to discuss your overhaul requirements.

Overhaul operation

Overhaul of valves

After receiving the returned valve, we assess the condition of the components and which parts need replacing. If necessary, we will advise to replace the valve completely. We will start the work once our quote has been approved. We can only overhaul valves supplied by Hanwel.

Overhaul and repair of expansion joints

Expansion joints can be overhauled in some cases. In the case of a stainless steel expansion joint, for example, the bellow can be replaced, while the connecting parts will be as good as new after blasting and coating. The result is a fully workable and deployable expansion joint. We will start the work once our quote for the overhaul has been approved.

Adjusting Lisega supports

We can reset returned spring hangers and springs strut upon request. This way, the supports can be reused when process conditions change.

Do you need an overhaul? Feel free to contact us.